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OPINION EDITORIAL – Drew McKissick in Trouble

In what has been described as a move by South Carolina Party leader Drew McKissick to firm up  his sagging support, he recently released an email doubling down on his strategy to limit the  voices of true conservative patriots within the Republican Party. Instead of embracing all voices  within the Republican Party and sticking to the winning formula of principles first and party  platform second, McKissick has embraced the quasi-conservative establishment politics in  South Carolina right now by espousing, “steady as she goes.” While I always like to give people  the benefit of the doubt, I will ask it this way, “Is this a case of good intentions or just wrong  establishment thinking?” 

At best, McKissick touts speculative and questionable mathematics in his claims of  Republican victory and superiority, while in the worst-case scenario is propagandizing the Republican base with fictitious and impressionable anecdotes to set the stage for his reelection chances as the Republican Party leader, coming up shortly. If you now please, I will double down on my own thoughts in response to McKissick’s fuzzy mathby illustrating what he said, implied, and left unsaid. As all folks with a political brain realize, there is much to learn from  what isn’t said. I am now going to systematically and methodically deconstruct, reengineer, and obliterate the flawed reasoning and logic of Drew McKissick’s NEWSMAX article.

  1. McKissick says that He is “sick of answering the question”, “Where does the party go from here?”
  • Does it mean that answering a question like this from the common everyday citizens of South Carolina is beneath him?
  • Does it mean that he wants to avoid questions from people in our party who want to take us in a different and more conservative direction?
  • Does it mean that he is frustrated with his leadership position and is in over his head?
  • Does it mean that his natural aptitude and abilities are geared more to “high profile” political types and not us common folks? 


2. He then throws down a gauntlet of sorts and makes disparaging remarks toward anyone that would dare disagree with him by singling them out. Leadership? Not so much.

  • Does it mean that he thinks that he has it all figured out?
  • Does it mean that he doesn’t want to listen to anyone outside of the Republican establishment?
  • Does it mean that he is insecure in his abilities to lead such a diverse group of intelligent, determined, and opinionated Republican constituents?

 3. We must not forget the subsequent insult- “Neither group is worth listening to.”

  • When folks start insulting one another, what message does that send to the Republican electorate?
  • Do mainstream Republicans want a State Party leader who is so dismissive of others and their voices?
  • Has Mr. McKissick made a judgment value with his comments of those who are not drinking the quasi-Republican establishment Kool-Aid?

4. He then goes on to tout all of the so-called wins for our Republican Party in the next few paragraphs.

  • Why the need to boast? Why now?
  • Is he trying to “frame” and “market” his effective leadership of the SC GOP for his upcoming reelection chances?
  • Should he be taking credit for any of the Republican progress in SC or is he simply riding on the coat tails of President Trump and the Trump Doctrine?
  • Shouldn’t a true leader take none of the credit (push the credit toward others), but take all of the blame (the buck stops here when things go wrong)? 

5. He then proceeds to name drop Lee Atwater with his quote, “Issues win campaigns”.

  • Which specific issues Mr. McKissick? The Republican Party platform issues or the ones being legislated by the Republican establishment and RINOS? 
  • Are the issues you note the ones that support Red Flag laws; keeping Roe v. Wade alive because it is legal precedence, confirming both Sotomayer and Kagan, or a tax on our carbon footprint that some of our quasi-Republican  establishment leaders in South Carolina support?
  • Do the issues that you refer to emanate from the Republican Party platform or are they from more liberal sources (since not once in the entire article does he mention our Republican Party platform)?

6. He then proceeds to go back to the Trump “success scenario” for a couple of more paragraphs (more marketing, posturing, and self-aggrandizing psychobabble).

  • Is he telling us that he is “all-in” for Trump and THAT is the reason we should vote for Drew McKissick as our SC Republican party leader?
  • Is he telling us that the Donald Trump “rocket fuel” has big tail winds and THAT is the reason we should vote for Drew McKissick as our SC party leader?
  • Is McKissick trying to finesse the voters of SC by connecting the dots from Trump’s energy and success to anything that he might have accomplished in South Carolina?

7. He then tries to get you in a catch-22 by suggesting that anyone who would want to go in a different direction is wrong, and therefore, would intentionally want to hurt the Republican Party.

  • Is he telling us that change is bad for our party?
  • Is he telling us that moving in a more conservative direction is bad for our party?

8. He then tells us that the only way forward is to keep rerunning the same RINO plays in the quasi-Republican establishment playbook.

  • What if “connecting on those same issues” is at odds with the Republican Party platform?
  • Will Drew McKissick publicly “call out” senior elected officials at the State and Federal level when they go against our party platform?
  • Is the party Republican platform “a mere ornament on the shelf” at this point in McKissick’s eyes?
  • In other words, does Drew McKissick want to put the Republican Party platform “on the shelf” the same way much of society wants to put both the Bible and our Constitution on the shelf? i.e., making the Republican Party platform meaningless. 

9. He then turns back to Trump for the 3rd time (we get it Drew, you love Trump’s results, so do we) to rally the Trump faithful behind fixing our election laws.

  • Did he support the strategy of conservative U.S. Senators like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley in their attempt to get a 10-day emergency audit before certifying the Electoral College results?
  • Did he support Jeff Duncan when he voted to decertify the Electoral College?
  • Since you brought up election integrity, which camp do you fall under Mr. McKissick? The conservative camp or the quasi-Republican establishment camp?

McKissick then tells us not to apologize for what you believe, but say it louder! What? Come again? Explain your circular reasoning please!

So, you want us to say it louder, but you, Mr. McKissick, don’t want to listen to any new voices, and those that want a new voice don’t know what they are talking about because they don’t know how to do arithmetic and can’t add?  GOT IT, SIR!

When would Mr. McKissick like those who disagree with him to raise our loud voices? After he gets voted out?

If Drew McKissick doesn’t agree with those Republican who have a different way and thinks that we are stupid for even suggesting any kind of change, how and where are we to voice our opinions to feel more included (assuming that feeling  included is an important part of your overall strategy that is)?


  • McKissick then has the audacity to define the word “conservative” in a context that supports his narrative of “more of the same.”  
  • Does this approach drive discussion and debate to make the Republican Party a better and more vibrant, informed, and activist party or does this drive a homogeneous bunch of “group thinkers” who drink the Kool-Aid?
  • Mr. McKissick’s “alphabet soup” article then proceeds to take a swipe at the Dems (shark baiting the SC citizenry and more posturing for his reelection chances?).
  • If, in fact, we should oppose the Democrat Party every step of the way, what is your role Mr. McKissick when, let’s say, when Senator Lindsey Graham starts  voting with the socialists who now hold power (or at least perceived power)?  b. Are you happy that senior elected officials from the South Carolina Republican  Party are “good friends” with Joe Biden? 
  • Then, Mr. McKissick reminds us one last time that he has the winning formula for the type of candidates that the Republican Party should support.
  • Is Drew suggesting that he is the only one that gets to pick the winners and losers in a Republican primary battle?
  • Is he suggesting that the only viable candidates are the ones who drink the quasi-Republican establishment Kool-Aid- hook, line, sinker?
  • Is McKissick suggesting that only candidates who follow his thinking can truly understand public policy issues and think clearly, rationally, and logically?
  • So, Mr. McKissick, you want candidates that are loud, but only your type of loud? Is that how I understand your circular reasoning?
  • Do you think that conservatives are a “bunch of idiots” and we would not be able to deconstruct, reengineer, and then toss your alphabet soup article back at you?”
  • He then ends this demagogic menagerie approach to Republican Party discipline with a rousing, uplifting, and motivational directive from the lips of Vince Lombardi (so we hoped) … “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”
  • How do we lead if people that are not just like you can’t express an opinion?
  • How do we follow when true conservatives are not buying into your quasi Republican establishment politics (junk) and feel uninvited?
  • How can we get out of the way, when true patriots are trying to reshape our party (the Republican Party) toward a more conservative South Carolina and America? 
  • Are you suggesting, Mr. McKissick, that we leave (please make that very clear to us, if you will)? We need the answer to that question, ASAP!

Since many haters out there will cry foul for the content of this article and say that all I can do is  criticize without offering any alternative approach, let me say this: Below is how Mr. McKissick  should have responded. This would be my alternative approach. Secondly, I have written 6  books on how to change the political and spiritual landscape in South Carolina (two books are now being published). The Christian Leader’s Worldview, The Goldmine, God’s Gift of  Imagination, A Covenant, A Patriot Manifesto (being published), and An American Citizen vs. The Joseph R. Biden Administration’s Policies (being published) are all geared to moving us  toward a more conservative orientation and are full of uplifting, strategic, and forwarding  thinking conservative values and ideas. 

Here is what the content of the NEWSMAX article should have sounded like. 

“I am asking for your vote and here is why: Our state has done some amazing things over the last  few years under my leadership. While any true leader knows that it is the people under him/her  that deserves all of the credit, I want to take the time to point out some of the wins that you  helped create. However, I would be greatly remiss if I didn’t say that we have a lot of work to  do. I would be remiss if I didn’t say that our great President, Donald Trump, had much to do  with our wins. I would also be remiss if I didn’t point out that South Carolina needs to continue  to move toward a point where all the elected officials in our Party support the Republican Party  platform 100%, without trying to argue both sides of our platform issues for political expediency. We will not be happy until the United States of America looks at South Carolina as  the most conservative state in our nation. I recently fielded a question from a common citizen  that I thought was outstanding. Someone asked, “Where does the Republican Party go from  here?” I thought it was an outstanding question. Why? It sends the message that we can get better. We can reach for the stars and strive to be considered the most conservative state in the United States of America. It also sends a message that we are inclusive of all voices within our state and that everyone can contribute their voices and expect them to be heard. That, ladies and gentlemen is our resolve. God bless South Carolina and God bless all of the  conservative patriots in our state.”

In summary, Mr. Drew McKissick and his quasi-Republican establishment cronies need to be held accountable for the direction that they have taken the South Carolina Republican Party. We need to put the reshaping of South Carolina toward a more quasi-Republican establishment party in a glass house with MAXIMUM SCRUTINY and “deconstruction.” We need to then look at the underpinnings of the “so-called” results that McKissick is spewing and consider them well! 

God bless the Republican patriots in our party who support our party platform and the  Constitution of these United States of America! Thank you for stepping up and your willingness  to serve. Posterity will remember you! Your children and your grandchildren will thank you! 

p.s. One of the architects of the first Donald Trump presidency, Steve Bannon, is currently in the  process of annihilating the Republican establishment in South Carolina and across America!


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Michael J. LaPierre

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Sarah R. Wallace is the former Communications Director for the Team LaPierre campaign for U.S. Senate. She is an author, former intern of Senator Jim DeMint & The Heritage Foundation, entrepreneur, technology and marketing expert, and designer. Sarah resides in Summerville, South Carolina and is the daughter of Gary & Nina Wallace.

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